A Christmas Note for 2017

By Admin

Christmas is all about love and compassion for others. Christ was born not to live His own life but to die for others’ sin.  Love, compassion, and kind thoughts were the reasons for His birth as a mortal being. We might interpret the razzmatazz of Christmas for the awe and love we have for Jesus. But, that is a big fallacy in our lives. Our love for Christ is simply a function of love and compassion we have for others. Thereupon; how can we justify it while we are bitterly-cold for other fellow humans?

In his letter, Apostle John said, anyone who hates a brother or sister is a murderer … if anyone sees a brother or sister in need but has no pity on them, how can the love of God be in that person?  (1 John 3 15-18 (NIV))

As I said it before, let me say it again that God is FULL but not FOOL to be fooled. He is greater than our hearts to know us deep inside. When it comes to His eyes, the glittering lights hanged on our windows and walls are watt-less (powerless) to lighten the darkness in our evil hearts. No one with anything is capable to deceive Him. 

It is really worthy to take a few seconds and think about the way we are rendering the greatest command of all commands – love your neighbours as you love yourself.

In this Christmas, as you kiss the soft cheeks of your kids, you shall remember the delicate and fragile body of Garolin’s 20-month-old boy that you threw to the merciless bites of ants and termites. In your act of exchanging gifts in glittering wraps, don’t forget the young mother that you put in a cheap wooden box and buried deep in a pit. As your sons and daughters come home from all over the world for this yearly Christmas dinner, to enjoy the fattened ribs and hot smashed potatoes, you shall not fail to recall the inhumed father; the man that you denied him a day of ‘life’ with his longing family for more than half of a century.

You must understand that genuine happiness is found in organic love; not in inorganic wealth. There is nothing sweeter than platonic love. It tastes like a pure honey. Unfortunately, as one cannot yeild honey without a hive, one cannot feel love without a HEART, to be surer… without a warm heart. Honestly speaking, it is a blessing fate, a divine luck, being a pauper and go to bed with cold feet than being affluent and live with an ice-cold heart. Merry Santa-mas! I don’t think that you know Christ to say it … Merry Christ-mas.

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