EaglewingsS is an ad-hoc community primarily formed to play the most possible role to remove the current political, economic and social curse from our country. Being independent, we are and will keep working with others that try to patch every hole to make the country WHOLE. Our philosophy favors INTER-CULTURAL society over multi-culural.

Though it is absolutely FREE to join EaglewingsSociety, members are mercilessly bound by heavy duty to stay clean of any racial or religious supremacy. PARTICULAR RACE, RELIGION, CLASS OR SEX IS NOT A BADGE OF HONOR IN EAGLEWINGSS.

We not only verbalize TRUTH, we worship it too. As it is customary to live a belief, when our bond fertilizes, we will materialize the verbs for whatever cost. What matter most is not that “all men are born equal,” we push it further … and die for:  ALL MEN SHALL LIVE EQUAL!



We are a growing society with great faith in our hearts and no grain of fable on our lips. We team up with one purpose: to stand on our own bone and to praise ONLY those who deserve and to shame ALL the shameless. We believe in our own philosophy that FREEDOM, JUSTICE, and EQUALITY are trinity of life; MIND, SOUL, and BODY of human. If believing so and writing TRUTH is a sin, then forget Heaven and let our bones burn and smolder in the inferno of Hell. Because, TRUTH itself is the only path to righteousness.


The independence and civilization we are proud of today as a HISTORY had been a LIFE for our fathers and forefathers.

The LIFE we are living today will definitely be either a REWARDING or a SHAMEFUL history for our children. If we do not have gut to write on history today, history has power to write us off tomorrow.


Exercise the absolute power of your wings. LIFE worth living and FREEDOM worth fighting when we join our hands and muscle up our arms! Come forward and get BOLD to cross dictator’s blood bathed SWORD. DEATH in combat and fight is much more honorary than LIFE in fear and flight.