Cheers to EaglewingsS! We Just Circled TWO Years!

Cheers to EaglewingsS! We Just Circled TWO Years!

By Admin

July 2015 marks our SECOND YEAR with the world wide web. It was two years ago that we came online to join the national fight for freedom and justice.

We are insanely proud on the loyalty of our thought and commitments to the struggle. But, what we feel MOST MAJESTIC of, even beyond the limits, is your genuine encouragement and criticism that makes us more fearless and strong to fly high in the cloudy sky.

As we CONGRATULATE all of our members and readers on our common achievement, EaglewingsSociety is going to select and award its annual NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL WINGS honors for the year 2014/15. If you have someone in mind that deserves the laurels, name him/her in a private message or in public.

For more details of the NOMINATION and AWARDING process, please follow the link HERE.


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