The “J-War”

The “J-War”

By Admin

Ladies and Gentlemen; Young and Old; Bishops, Priests and Deacons; Imams as well as Sheiks; all Dear Ethiopian Muslims and Christians, Lo and Behold I present you the most grievous MENACE to your tolerance, TheJ-War.” That is right … sound it out with the silent vowel as “J `a w a r.”

Somewhere in their world, a few uncertified archaeologists are busy on digging up buried kings, grinding the skeletons, puffing it heavily, getting high and hallucinating incessantly to fabricate exaggerated history, and betting upcoming war prophecy. King Menelik II was the unfortunate victim to be exhumed first, followed by Atse Theodros, Atse Yohannes, and recently King Haileselassie. It is really sad to see a living mind wasting so many weeks arguing on the dead.

In fact, I would have been quite if these few extremists did not meddle in religion. The J-Warists have scornfully touched the untouchable, sinfully disgraced the most sacred, and started to make fun on Christians’ religion and doctrine. I know they are nothing but dead flies, unable to move an inch further from their chair. Yet, I shall not underestimate the foul of their smell that could damage the newly processed aromatic perfume of unity in the country, brewed out of Ethiopian Christians and Muslims.

Dead flies make the perfumer’s ointment give off a stench; so a little folly outweighs wisdom and honor. Ecclesiastes 101

The common electron, TOLERANCE, has made Ethiopian Muslims and Christians one stable compound. But, it is my worry that the hate speech these J-Warists are making against Orthodox religion could be the required energy for TPLF to break this strong covalent bond.

The regime’s combiners were busy harvesting the hate speech for the last four weeks. Now, they are in a process of threshing and soon start marketing the grain to the public; for fear and a few more years of reign in return. That is why I am here today, to counteract TPLF-induced fear effect around my group.

To begin with, these J-Warists stand neither for the Muslims nor for Oromo people. They do not have any moral or spiritual values to represent the mass. They are simply wicked and dishonorable beings stemming from evil characteristics or forces. Their frequent quote of threat from the well known hatred discourse, as well as their determination to defend a personality of one particular death monger magnify who is the back seat driver of this J-War.

That set aside, I shall call for young Christians and Muslims to be active to play their role in the community to stay vigilant and defend the mutual respect. Not to ignore any hole for infiltrators. If we do not become alert, their one millimeter diameter Petri-dish brain is capable to cultivate a deadly virus that could result death for many innocents.

As Bible command us to be inclusive of all without asking questions, to show love and care, not hatred and judgment to grow to completeness and true holiness, so does Quran. It commands:

O you who believe! Stand out firmly for Allah, as witnesses to fair dealing, and let not the hatred of others to you make you swerve to wrong and depart from justice. Be just: that is next to Piety: and fear Allah. For Allah is well-acquainted with all that you do. Quran 58

It is also my pen’s religion to write the truth and to play it fair. This is not about US and THEM; This is about the NEW REALITY and the OLD GAME. As we are not the people of yesterday, no one can fool us today. I am totally against those immature individuals who mimic Oromo’s accent and threat to raze churches. For this particular case, the discourse made and aired online, with try-hard Oromo accent, about St. Gabriel church at Kullubi is absolutely childish. Sure, you are much old to toy with Teddy Bear, so get a life and be productive. No IDIOT mind like yours is wise enough to mislead us.

Propaganda is obsolete for this generation. What we need is GENUINE INFORMATION. Leave the interpretation for us. We know speech arithmetic; where and how much to add or minus to reach the exact sum (meaning.) When the guy said the forty-four sacred tablets (“Tabots”) should come out and apologize for the past wrongdoings, he was referring those too many political parties we are tired to deal with. I do agree with his metaphor that political organizations are not sacred tablets (“Tabot”) to have them that many to enjoy. Such a misguided interpretation and presentation of the speech on media, as if the person said the real sacred tablets (“Tabot”) must come out of church, does not help except nursing the hatred. I know, for some, telling the truth looks blunt and ugly though it cuts deep and lovely.

At last, no one denies the J-Warists are the losers of this game as TPLF seems a sole victor, at least for the time being. Whether the contrive to dismantle the Christians-Muslims integrity pays off or not; whether Tesfayee Gebreab’s bankruptcy compensated on Teddy’s “loss” or not, we will be the ultimate winner. Until then, both Christians and Muslims must pay great attention not to sway away from the noble fight for FREEDOM. We do not deny, in some aspect, there might be some disappointment. But, the regime is rotting INSIDE OUT. If the “POPULAR” force fails to effect the cause, no doubt on Sir Isaac’s “GRAVITATIONAL” force. At least, there is a figurative (magnitude) merit in gravity (G-9.8) over the popular G-7.Cool

Unlike my cartoon man, hope the current rhetoric does not abstain you from enjoying the most aphrodisiac part of your … .

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