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It is really a great pride to write this note, two years after we launched EaglewingsSociety. So far, we have succeeded what we set out to do: stimulate new ideas that could result novel actions. This is what EaglewingsSociety has been aiming at. In my world, a single word could be an exponent for thousandths of actions/reactions. On this first paragraph, I must take the opportunity to thank you all who have been with us and made our effort worthwhile.

Compared to those who have already paid their dear life, our investment in the struggle is almost minute like an atom, absolutely invisible without the aid of a magnifying glass. Even so, EaglewingsS has sustained multiple personal threats and cyber attacks from individuals who are keen at silencing us. The fact is, tackling one or two persons out of the corner lines doesn’t stop the game or change its result as millions of people are already playing it hard inside the field/within the boundary of the country.

As you may remember, every year in August, we have pledged to select and honor individuals or groups that inspired us most in the political world, both at national and international level. These leaders, personalities or groups that we believed to go remarkably above and beyond the call of politics in the lasted year will be named as EaglewingsSociety‘s National and International Wings Honors. As the purpose and process of this annual practice is explained in detail under its own section, there is no need to say much here. However, let me say a few words regarding this year’s nominees and winners.

The National Wings Honor:

Our members tipped us four contestants for this class: Journalist Temesgen Dessalegne, Professor Mesfin WoldeMariam, Zone 9 Bloggers, and of course … The Winner. It is not hard to witness the enormous energy these men have already combusted in the struggle against the racial regime. They embody great skills and experiences, fresh ideas, and real vision for the attainment of freedom, justice, and equality in the country. All of them have made, each in their own specific way, outstanding contribution that worth their weight in gold, if not the honor. It was a real challenge for us to select one of them as best of the best. Nevertheless, as it is a must-to-do choice, finally, we have agreed unanimously to rest the laurel of The National Wings Honor on the head of … the winner … let me save the name for later.

The International Wings Honor:

The nominees in this category were Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma, Luíz Inácio da Silva (also known as Lula) of Brazil, and The Winner indeed. The choice was not, in fact, difficult as there was a TIME factor to consider in the selection process.

Mr Lula is not only the man of Brazil, but also the pride of Latin. Had it not been for Lula‘s political endeavor, neither Brazil nor the continent would have had a straight face to look at the developed world today. Especially, when it comes to Brazil’s stellar achievement in the current political/economic arena, the country owes it all to no one else but Luíz. Unfortunately, there is a time element to regard that we couldn’t give him the wings to fly over our heads.

The same reason holds true for the case of Aung San Suu Kyi. Admittedly, she has sacrificed a lot for her people and county, especially in the early days of her struggle for democracy. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen her best in the lasted year to win the honor. Still, she lines in time as a potential winner in one of the coming years.

Our 2014/15 International Wings Honor is said to save a group of people from a wild tiger single-handedly. It is really an astonishing courage; yet, far from our interest to put him on wings.

Those who misunderstood life as a big screen movie, foolishly derivate his notable political achievement from his expertise in Judo and the fact that he resembles Actor Daniel Craig. Not sure if our International Wings Honor looks the new BOND; but I have no doubt that he shares something with BALD EAGLE!

His aggressive response for aggression, the speed and power of his wings that stretched far out to shield those belong to him are a few among his many political achievements in the past year that forced us to give him six votes out of the seven; and honor him like EAGLE. No need to mention that this man returned his country to great power status after two decades of political and economic disasters.

The choice of this man as our International Wings Honor is an indicator by itself that we follow our own reasoning power without the influence of petty propaganda. We do not simply FLOW with the mass or the mass media. I do believe that mass media still have enormous power in the setting of agenda, but not that much influence as before in the formulation of attitude, particularly in the political world. As it is not the main theme of this paper, I will not go far to reason out – why. But, if you are a leader, I should encourage you to use whatever means to protect the interest of your people and country. If war is inevitable, go for it! If possible, make it on your enemy’s land so that you will have enough space to make the offensive/defensive act; that also gives you a better bargaining power as well as much air to outlive your foemen. In doing so, even if the media might portray you as a devil, we will put you on wings like Angel and honor you as EAGLE.

Now, to find out the Sirius of EaglewingsS, invest your two minutes to watch the video below. But, don’t blink or you will miss everything.

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