EaglewingsS National and International Honors Awarding Process

EaglewingsS National and International Honors Awarding Process

Every year, while celebrating our birthday, EaglewingsSociety will honor two individuals/groups/political parties at NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL level for their commitment to the noble cause of freedom, justice and/or equality to their people and country. We have agreed to make this practice as a tradition that occurs once in every year. If you have someone in mind to deserve the acknowledgement from this site, name it as the time arrives (between June and July.) Here under is a molecular procedure how we choose our honor the winners.

THE NATIONAL WINGS HONOR (NWH): will be a title given to a LOCAL (Ethiopian) citizen/group/party that shows distinguished and exceptional accomplishment to the political or civic rights movement in the country.

THE INTERNATIONAL WINGS HONOR (IWH): will be a title given to a FOREIGN citizen that engages in noble political or civic causes for the benefit of his/her own country or for the whole world in general.

NOMINATION: Every one is entitled to nominate his/her own HERO provided that the nominee meets the quality and requirement defined above (in NWH and IWH.) Reader suggested nominees will be considered among those we have already set as candidates.

SELECTION: Selection of the final two candidates for each category (NWH and IWH) out of the respective pool is a reserved right for the Blog’s administrators.

HONORING: Seven assigned followers of the Blog (one from each continent) plus the two administrators will vote on the two finalists; and the count of votes will draw the winner for each category.

As a reward, EaglewinngsS engraves the name of the winners on its Homepage slider for twelve weeks from the date of the announcement.

REWARD and ACKNOWLEDGMENT: Both the National and International Wings Honors will be acknowledged by getting a SLOT in homepage slider for 30 days (with image and caption.) Besides, the honor for The National Wings will receive undisclosed encouragement reward and I shall take this opportunity to thank those who pledged us to do so.

HONORS ANNOUNCEMENT: Winners of the Blog’s National and International Wings honor will be named every year late in August or early September.

If any of our previous, present or future honors of EaglewingsS deviates from his/her/their honorable act after we made the announcement, there is no way that we regret or apologize for the act as our choice is based on individuals’/groups’ performance on that particular year.

NB. There might be a possibility that either one or both honors could be cancelled for the year if THREE or more of the assigned representatives of the Blog do not agree to cast their vote on the finalists; for nominees personal or organizational deviation to meet our cause or for any other reason.

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