EPRDF’s New Movie Trailer: “Blue Terror”

By Admin

I think, the core men of EPRDF could have had more fame if they were big screen directors instead of big office politicians. Of course their 1980’s “HORROR” movie made in Hawezen, Tigray didn’t earn them Oscar but lots of financial support, especially from those who didn’t realize the “movie” was a pre-planned, well orchestrated shot. Culling out all the rest low profile and small budget hits of the regime, recently, EPRDF had successfully played a new category in its film industry. This time it was “ACTION” movie in which two uninvited guest actors from Sweden took part: Martin Schibbye and Johan Persson.

When one of the two Swedish actors, Schibbye (professionally a famous journalist) described the four days field footage of the film, he said: “For four days, the longest and worst of my life, they brought in military journalists to make a mockumentary about what happened. They gave us new clothes and they told us to co-operate or we would be shot. They drove us around to different locations; it was like a Steven Spielberg film.” This movie was by far better than that of Hawezen as there was no record for life loss; though the second guest actor, Persson admitted that he was really shocked as his co-actor, Martin was mock executed and he thought he was dead.

Here again, EPRDF is ready to release its new movie of the year, “Blue Terror” on the coming Sunday at the open air theatre, Meskel Square. Blue Party spent more than months to go through all the shaggy bureaucratic process to get the required permission to run a peaceful demonstration, whereas EPRDF, just in a few days thought, called both its paid and die hard crews to share the venue on the same day at the same time. Fortunately enough, we have already read the script of Sunday’s trailer «Blue Terror» that would cost us so many innocent lives and public property to criminalize the Blue Party. Before Simon Wolde (EPRDF’s Jon Woo) unleashes the closing part, Blue Party leaders and organizers of the demonstration have seen the final scene … the infamous Kality … let us wait and see.

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