An Eye for An Eye!

An Eye for An Eye!

By Admin

I have no doubt that you have seen, at least once in your life, the woman portrayed above that firmly holding the sword in one hand and the scales in the other. Usually, she is associated with fairness and equity. Many consider this lady as a symbolic representation of Justitia the Roman goddess of Justice. For me, she is a trademark for the purest rule of law: an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

Otherwise, nothing else keeps the scales in balance. Handcuffs do not count the same weight to balance human life. One can not put a killer behind a bar and say – justice is done. To practice a JUST justice on earth, the Biblical law that incorporates the culture of the divine is the most rational. Yes! Fair and equal justice on earth! Forgiveness … in the next life!

Right at this point, some have already raced to awaken Papu (Father Gandhi) to recite me: an eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind. With all due respect, I would like to negate this great man’s thought. It is those who screwed us down to the end of the thread, and learned that our heads do not take any more twist that always hustle forward to preach us the merit of forgiveness. When they realized their luck is dead and their time is gone, they cry out – being soft is being pious. Without a shame, they exclaim that we should excuse offence and return wheat for thistles.

As of me, an eye for an eye could not be a menace for the world’s blindness. Rather, it would be a security assurance for the world peace by forcing everyone to hold his/her eyes wide open to see and keep distance from injustice. For fear of loosing their sight, individuals mind what and how to trade each other. Particularly, in the world of politics, if we dream a just society, let the principle of fairness and equity rule our judgment. Pay back what you receive as you shall receive what you give. Do not excuse to return a penny less or complain to earn a penny more. That keeps the scales of justice in equilibrium.

In this paper, BLINDNESS is a philosophical concept I used to argue on – our judgments, especially in delivering political verdicts, should be IMPARTIAL, WHOLE, EQUAL, JUST, and PERFECT. There shall not be any side to favor or spare.

In this regard, don’t call me a hatemonger but a believer on – for every misdeed, there must be an ADEQUATE and a COMPENSATING measure of justice. Everywhere and all the time, those who sin against what is right must receive REAL and EQUAL punishment. If you insist categorizing me and my thought as “BLIND,” go ahead! No need to mention that Lady Justice herself is a blindfolded woman. You can even go back and look Eros, the son of Venus, the one you call and worship him as Cupid, is also blind.

We must understand that revenge and justice are two entirely different concepts. The former is the spirit of the devil and the later is the will of the people. Planting our feet firmly on the ground with uplifted sword to bring down those who swear to see us on our knees is not VENGEANCE, but an absolute FIGHT for JUSTICE.

Therefore, I believe, we have started to speak a new language now that can help us to communicate effectively with those who have been killing and imprisoning us for the last two decades. Everywhere in the country, the fight against the racial injustice is in a perfect rapture. What is left now is harnessing our will together and be UNITED with others who are devoted to the same end. Honestly, I don’t really care who started this fire to heat and hit the slavery chain so that it breaks off into pieces. My advice to all parties on this side of the aisle is simple: whenever and wherever you see a smoldering battle for justice, hurry up, bring your FUEL, not your FEUD.

The creed of falling authorities in their last chapter of the reign is always the same. That is why our authoritarians bluff – first, we must engage in a peaceful act thence they will hear us and address our concerns. They demand us to acknowledge all the damages befall us, including the loss of so many young lives, are only because we have been “outlaws.” They need us to endorse the death of our own brothers as a “wage” for instigating terror, and back their killing as a mechanism for ensuring law and order, to reconcile. Only then, they say, justice will be realized for both sides and “WE”, they and us, can march hand in hand towards their “grand dam.” They claim this is how it should be in “democracy”: first PEACE and then JUSTICE. God forbids! Reconcile with racists, get along with murderers and rapists for whatever cause is nothing but making a dainty catwalk over the bloods and bodies of countless martyrs like Samuel Awoke, Birhanu Errebo, Tadesse Abrahaand others.

However; the truth is, in all dictionaries, the term JUSTICE precedes PEACE. My analogy is straightforward: it is the attainment of justice that brings peace, not the vice versa. The classic chant: no justice, no peace holds water here. 

Whether we like it or not, believe it or doubt, we can not rule out FORCE to enforce justice. If you desire to change a state of imbalance on the justice scales, raise the sword which is the levering rod for your existence. If you are a man indeed, forget the court, take your cause to the field. It does not matter whether it is a gun, a stone, a sword, a baseball bat, or a stick which is in your hand. In reasoning dictators, your PUNCH of FIVES wins a lot more hearts than your BUNCH of FLOWERS. When all avenues to justice are closed, go to the gatekeeper and face him to the eyes! That is how it works. No turn around or silence do you a favor but a revolver with or without a silencer. If you are not brave enough to define your boundary, remember, there are always people who step on your toes to look taller than you are.

The sword of My Lady above reinforces the concept of courage and vigilance in the attainment and protection of justice. In the transaction of fair and equal judgement, force/sword is the only legal currency. Those who are caught dealing it on other notes, no doubt they would pay a heavy price. If you believe peaceful opposition is THE ONLY womb that fertilizes justice, wait and see, before its birth, you are history! This is a lesson I learnt while living with MONOMi authorities in north-pole, just a few kilometer before the capital of Hell.

Pay attention! LIFE is BINARY: zero or one. The choice is yours: to die or to live. It is your own BONE which is the ANCHOR of your life: to stand steady or to walk upright. Justice is not a commodity for trade. Do not expect middle men in the transaction. If you are denied but not afraid to get it, go ahead … raise the sword above your head!

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