Happy Birthday EaglewingsS

By Admin

EaglewingsSociety circled its first year. It was a year ago that we pledged to test our loyalty for the noble cause of humanity. As we light up the first candle, it is customary to thank the Blog’s family as well as others who have been reading and commenting us.

Here under is a summarized blog post statistics for EaglewingsS:

EaglewingsS Total Weekly Average Monthly Average
POSTS 77 1.5 6.4
COMMENTS 330 6.3 27.5
Male in percentage Female in percentage
FOLLOWERS 154 63 37

Almost thirty-one percent of our followers are between the ages of 17 to 24. I am proud of these decent youngsters who have unbending courage to face their current and future challenge. It is also a great honor for EaglewingsS to win a small portion of this gentle generation with CLEAN HEART and OPEN MIND, which I believe to be a pair of dominant chromosomes for unwavering character of morality to suppress a sinister behavior of ethnicity.

Our cause is primarily to guard and hold dear human moral codes, which is the DEAREST yet the TOUGHEST of all causes to secure it in bare hands. Those we stand against are not easy targets. Even if they are WEAK in mind, they are BEAST in heart. They amass excess power with extra large pocket. The threat they pose on our existence is immense. However; as demonic is their character, to retreat is not our nature. Rather, their cruelty is a filter to refine us, to make us TRUE BLUE to soldier through. The truth is, THE DEEPER THEY BITE THE BITTER WE FIGHT. They fail to understand at the touch of PAIN and DESPAIR, everyone is a formidable fighter. This is not the fight of MIGHT the weak would be perished in; it is the fight for RIGHT the wicked would be punished at end.

Even if our dictators are masters of geography to create multiple countries within a country, they are ignorant of history to take lesson from the past or to learn from the existing reality. Religion for humans is what atom is for elements, the founding mode of existence that defines property (personality.) As any attempt to break an atom destabilizes the nucleus and results a nuclear fission, trying to bore through a religion also releases a very large amount of energy (anger and disturbance.)

In the past, those who consider themselves as “modern” and “liberal” have tried to alter, dilute, or destroy religion invain. Contrary to their monolithic efforts in Asia and Middle East, religion has proved to be impermeable for education, war, civilization, and/or massive wealth. Our dictators fail to see this basic instinct of religion and are trying to give it a new form through excessive military force. This will result us nothing but a societal-quake for high seismic reading.

I believe FREEDOM, JUSTICE, and EQUALITY are trinity of LIFE; they shall be the MIND, SOUL, and BODY for every human born to have and live them for free. If fighting for these DOGMATIC RIGHTS makes us “terrorist”, then it is their constitution which is a terror plot; because, right there it declares EQUAL RIGHTS for all. Neither we Christians nor our Muslim brothers are fanatics. We do not fantasize to bring heaven down to the earth. Rather, we strive to move our land to the democratic latitude where “the rest” shall be heard and considered side by side with “the greatest.” Our vision is to lift up the location of our country to the longitude of justice where not even the smallest bird falls unheeded. This is all what we are fighting for. We believe, in the universe that belongs to God (Allah), every born is equal. Human DESTINY must not be treated as occupational DUTY to divide it beforehand between those who lead and those who follow; those who command and those who serve; those who BORN FREE and those who DIE in SLAVERY. NO! It should be an acquired fate earned in open, free, and equal opportunity.

Military force can not be an all time solution for civic turbulence. Even in mandatory cases, it has to be applied in the same manner and effect for anesthesia; only for a short period of time to treat what goes wrong in conventional method (solution.) It should be used ONLY to galvanize a delicate situation and victims to minimize pain and loss. Otherwise, like anesthetic agents, military force is not a curative intervention by itself. Listen our dictators; if you keep administering force as a right medication to curb civic rights demands, you are wrong and it will not take long before you fall. Armageddon is at your door!

At last, marking our birthday, EaglewingsSociety will honor two individuals/groups/political parties for their NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL commitment to the noble cause of freedom, justice and/or equality. We have agreed to make this practice our tradition, to perform it once in every year. If you have someone in mind to deserve the first acknowledgement from this site, name it! Here under is a molecular procedure how we choose our honors.

NATIONAL WINGS HONOR (NWH): will be a title given to a LOCAL (Ethiopian) citizen/group/party that shows distinguished and exceptional accomplishment to the political or civic rights movement in the country.

INTERNATIONAL WINGS HONOR (IWH): will be a title given to a FOREIGN citizen that engages in noble political or civic causes for the benefit of his/her own country or for the whole world in general.

NOMINATION: Every one is entitled to nominate his/her own HERO provided that the nominee meets the quality and requirement defined above (in NWH and IWH.) Reader suggested nominees will be considered among those we have already set as candidates.

SELECTION: Selection of the final two candidates for each category (NWH and IWH) out of the respective pool is a reserved right for the Blog’s administrators.

HONORING: Seven assigned followers of the Blog (one from each continent) plus the two administrators will vote on the two finalists; and the count of votes will draw the winner for each category.

REWARD and ACKNOWLEDGMENT: Both the National and International Wings Honors will be acknowledged by getting a SLOT in homepage slider for 30 days (with image and caption.) Besides, the honor for The National Wings will receive undisclosed encouragement reward and I shall take this opportunity to thank those who pledged us the reward.

Winners of the Blog’s National and International Wings honor will be named in three weeks time.

NB. There might be a possibility that either one or both honors could be cancelled for the year if THREE or more of the assigned representatives of the Blog do not agree to cast their vote on the finalists; for nominees personal or organizational deviation to meet our cause or for any other reason.

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