Karl Johans Street Patriots

Karl Johans Street Patriots

By Admin

… did you ever ask why?

The political or support groups in Norway have the quickest impulse to respond for any opposition stimuli. If anywhere in the world calls for a political rally, fund raising, or whatever in mind, their move to react is faster than the speed of light. Yet, did you ever ask why is it in Norway that our national spirit (interest) being abused to the worst?

For instance; when our people slaughtered on Saudi roads, Norwegian citizens took part in the demonstration we staged against King Abdullah‘s government. However; for the world’s surprise, our own brothers and sisters who share us flesh and blood dared Oslo streets and said: “WE ARE NOT ETHIOPIANS.Did you ever ask why? The masters of those who threaten our unity, and go far to declare the motherly Emperor as a “genocider” niche in Norway; did you ever ask why?

…have ONE final target: asylum grant.

It is simply and squarely a failure of leadership. The political struggle and diplomacy to gain or retain our national dignity has been hijacked by self-centered, inexperienced individuals who crowned themselves as politicians for their own benefits. Both the political and support group offices chairs have become lifesaving boats for those who fallen out from the immigration ship. Who the hell give a dime for the country and its pride as long as these leaders rewarded the PAPER? This is the trouble we have in Norway today. They suffer a chronic myopia to see beyond their ego, to live and work for the country, Ethiopia. If these leaders were mentally prepared and spiritually devoted to that nation, as they wish to be seen through the infinite fund raising and opposition demonstrations, we should not have seen such embarrassing deviation. All these pseudo political razzmatazz has ONE final target: asylum grant.

When the ex-vice president of “Democratic Change in Ethiopia Support Group, Norway” was interviewed about any major achievements, his answer was self incriminatory. He replied, “… five of the eight central committee members were asylum case rejected individuals. However, as the support group wrote a VERY STRONG letter, they all managed to get the paper.” He added “The other gallant accomplishment to cite is that almost 70 percent of the group members have been SUPPORTED to win the asylum premium.” If you are interested, watch the interview on youtube HERE Miniutes between 08:50′ to 12:30′.) If you knew those individuals who have been given the back door map and recommended in the VERY STRONG LETTER, you might ask whether DCESON is a support group for political parties to free the country or a support organ for kin to win asylum.

… epitaph that reads “Ethiopian Refugees Need Protection”

These days, leave aside the political activities; even the humanitarian aids and the fund raising moves have taken as a ladder to reach the Norwegian immigration office door bell. I appreciated the initiative taken to remember those brothers and sisters we had lost in Lampedusas boat accident. Nevertheless, I could not understand the relevance of an epitaph that reads “Ethiopian Refugees Need Protection” on the symbolized tomb. Here again, if you are interested, you can access the video on youtube and acclaim for the talent of our actors and actresses playing their own version of “ሰው ለሰው” drama. As the crocodiles were there to shade the proverbial tears, there was also GENUINE people who cried, drained their soul out. I must pay them MUCH respect!

There is nothing basically wrong for having a vigil or being a political leader as long as it is clean of any hidden, evil thought. What I stand against is taking advantage of others interest and insulting our intellect.


Collecting money from poor refugees in the name of membership fee and fund raising to buy a stage (market) on which a few selected will be pictured with influential political figure or activist is not a political struggle; it is a POLITICAL SMUGGLING. Karl Johans Street patriots, you need to know that whenever you picture yourself with a known political figure for fame or paper, you are exposing your hollow personality more. If you forget, in picture art, there is a concept called CONTRAST. If you are abnormally thin, do not hang out with a fatty one to cover it up. That will simply make it worse.

Do not exploit the poor because they are poor and do not crush the needy in court, for the LORD will take up their case and will exact life for live (Proverbs 22 22-23)

ድሀን በግድ አትበለው ድሀ ነውና፤ ችግረኛውንም በበር አትግፋው፤ እግዚአብሔር የእነርሱን ፍርድ ይፋረድላቸዋልና፥ የቀሙአቸውንም ሰዎች ሕይወት ይቀማልና። (መጽሐፈ ምሳሌ 22 22-23)

It is the utmost importance that political and community leaders be GENUINE; concerned citizens that bring COUNTRY first before family, NATION before kin. The struggle must not be time bound or led by-and-for those who have a personal motive. Like seagulls which squawk circling a fish boat, no need to cry ONLY when Ethiopian Executive plane lands on Oslo airport. Those who assume political offices or support groups must take and lead the fight further beyond the immigration asylum grant.

… is TABOO in my world!

I know, in your eyes, exposing injustice is a betrayal. Revealing the evils you are committing against the voiceless community is slandering the country. Those who know what you are up to and say NO to be fooled are always labeled. Come what may, I will never back down! I admit in public that my hands are green for crossing swords. Never tried it before, and shall not be afraid if I have to. But, do not underestimate the muscle on my fingers for crossing words. If you question that, ask the cannibal regime at homeland. I am not novice to play the truth card on my hand to throw a passive group into angry mob or the other way round, for good or bad. If you are not willing to change that ego braided shroud, I will put you naked for the whole wide world.

This is just the beginning. If I ever see you again moisturizing your ashen face with victims’ blood and tears, it will get worse beyond the limit. What you read here at this blog are letters, simple alphabets. When you start to hear the voice, hell breaks loose. As I mentioned it above, labeling is your sole reasoning power. Fortunately, we know each other. You are crying just for hearing the howl of that wolf TPLF at distant; I live with the pain of its gruesome bite. I am honest when I authorize you to sell me for your egoistic interest as I can defend myself to the best. But, DO NOT DARE trading on children, women, weak and dead. That is TABOO in my world!

Be human. With due respect for those who follow the other school of thought, we Ethiopians are religious people who believe to be created in the image of God. Use your feet, walk upright! As long us you are moving on your belly and intestine, you are nothing but a reptile! There is much you can do for that nation if you train your brain to think beyond your kitchen.

… men of principle to serve the people.

You might wonder why this claim came out loud and wide; not in the back door as the traditional order. If you are not ashamed of leading paper contraband in the city at the cover of hundred innocents marching behind, why should I be for denouncing injustice and criminal acts on world wide web? If you are leaders, clean yourself from ego, be inclusive to all. Treat all citizen, men and women equal. You know what I mean in these modest words. Otherwise; I know the sham: who becomes a leader and how, the subject of that VERY STRONG LETTER, even how much this letter costs in terms of money or adultery. If you think that is all what I got, you are wrong. This is just the top view of the iceberg. There is more at the store to surprise you on the D-Day.

At last, being an Ethiopian, I have great respect for elderly people. Even so I can not say “grow up” to you; because I am a witness for myself to believe it is COURAGE that defines manhood, not AGE. So, please be courageous; men of principle to serve the people.

I hope, this paper answers why we always keep ourselves away. If you ever become interested on the blessing of working together, put ETHIOPIA first; show us your major concern for the whole community above and before the membership fee. In that case only, we promise not to spare one joule of our energy to fight for the freedom of our country under the new ego-free community. Otherwise; your bogus, paper-driven political activities may outsmart the Norwegian immigration office, but not our conscious.

If I wrote too much for you to understand, print it out and run to your lords like you do to sell us. They are wise to summarize it for you just in one adage, in their own language: “Stillest vann har deepest grunn” (The calmest waters are the deepest.)

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