Like Mother, Like Daughter

Like Mother, Like Daughter

By Admin

Brynhild Paulsdatter Størset (Belle Gunness) was a Norwegian-American serial killer. She was born on November 22/1859 in Selbu, Norway and immigrated to America in 1881 in search of wealth. Belle Gunness, also known as Hell’s Belle, murdered more than 40 people including both of her husbands, all of their children, her suitors, and boyfriends at different occasions. In fact, she is not my interest today but her daughters in MIND and SPIRIT.

As of me, THE DEAD are not only those who lost their breaths (lives). Individuals who are still alive to breathe might feel or consider themselves like the dead if they are robbed their living hopes, dreams, and/or loved ones UNJUSTIFIABLY. Therefore; anybody that directly or indirectly involves in the loss of innocents’ living hopes, dreams and/or loved ones is a serial killer. Spring up from this thought, I would say that government officials who MISUSE their powers to massacre others’ hopes, dreams, and/or loved ones are killers by legal rights.

Belle’s daughters are the cruelest women I have ever known to worship brutality, to enjoy human tears as the finest French wines. I am not going to catalog these politicians’ horror chapter by chapter here. Otherwise; volumes are needed to be written to define the EVILS of these women. 

Neuroscientists believe EVIL as a product of inherited faulty hard-wiring in our brains while spiritual scholars give it religious connotations and link it up with learned immorality and transgressions to the will of a divine being. In any case we see it, EVIL is a broad concept that it is not simple to blog. Hence; let me tailor the theme of my discussion to Alan Wolfe’s definition of POLITICAL EVIL.

The noted political theorist, Alan Wolfe, refers political evil to “the willful, malevolent, and gratuitous death, destruction, and suffering inflicted upon innocent people by the leaders of movements and states in their strategic efforts to achieve realizable objectives.” This is a short but the most holistic approach to construe these Norwegian political leaders to whom I impersonated Belle Gunness as the messianic mother. Just to make my own footnote, POLITICAL EVIL is a complimentary political philosophy to those who lack political wisdom and experience.


Remember! The name Lucifer means “light bringer.”

Hell’s Belle used to run ads for suitors in the Chicago Daily Newspapers. Here under reads the excerpt:

… comely widow who owns a large farm in one of the finest districts in La Porte County, Indiana, desires to make the acquaintance of a gentleman equally well provided, with view of joining fortunes. No replies by letter considered unless sender is willing to follow answer with personal visit. Triflers need not apply.

Norway was known for its generous efforts and contribution on “humanitarian” causes. Its politicians/diplomats were “peace negotiators” between warring factions or states across the globe; they pledged and invested huge funds in cross-countries governmental as well as non-governmental “development” projects; so and so on … you name it as they faked it. To me, who/where they were yesterday is a matter of scant interest but who/where they are today. Of course; I have no doubt that much of the country’s domestic and foreign policies, including immigration, are projections of the needs and desires of a tiny self-centered politicians that inflates their will in the name of the nation.

In January 2016, King Harald V celebrated his 25 YEARS on the throne; and the world media was filming as these politicians, in WOOL and SILK, walked leisurely on the red carpet for the jubilee. Regrettably; that same week and in that same small city, Yemane Teferi (RIP), the Eritrean asylum seeker who died after 25 YEARS of life in a refugee camp was locked in a hard wood coffin.

I am not amazed why the world fails to say a word when these EVIL INCUBATORS foul and violate international human rights. Money talks for the rich! Yes; that shit also muzzles/blinds the penniless. That is why these politicians are privileged for the front seats on every big “humanitarian” stage. Anyways; as those who eat vegetables are called vegetarians, I have no objection when people who eat humans named humanitarians. Otherwise; only fools are to be fooled with richness or appearance. 

Honestly speaking, I hardly see or hear the Norwegian parliament hashing out anything else except immigration.  Simply, “asylum” is its permanent theme. Discussing the issue, parliamentary politicians led by these Evil women always breathe-in hate and breathe-out death. For this very reason, sometimes I feel like Karl Johans Gate (where the parliament building locates) is the exact spot that Lucifer has fallen comfortably on his back when he was hurled down from the Garden of Eden.

Knowing the ogreish nature of the current Ethiopian regime, now and then, these evil politicians are threatening to deport/feed us to it. As being DAUGHTERS and SONS of Devil by deeds, they know the game that just showing fearsome treatment/instrument is more effective than using it. Torture practitioners do understand that one of the most compelling weapons to use is prisoner’s own imagination. This is a strategy commonly referred as “the showing of the instrument” or in US military argot – “the fear up.” A number of asylum seekers run for their lives, left their shelters and became easy victims for offenders. We know how many of our young girls fell prey to rape. We have seen how old women and children were staggering on the streets as their eyes dimmed with hot tears, no food in their stomachs and not enough clothes on their shoulders.

In point of fact, these evil politicians have deported a Palestinian father right from his hospital bed. We know that they are ruthless to hand us over to death. But, I would like to make it known to them that there is no a lesser choice for us between a BLACK DEVIL and a WHITE EVIL. Torture is torture whether it is committed in DEVIL’S HANDS or on EVIL’S LAND. Got me, the New Testament Samaritans?  The 21st Century humanitarians?


When Mr. Gunness (Belle’s first husband) met a terrible fate, foster daughter Jennie arrived on the scene shortly after and saw Mrs. Gunness (Belle) sobbing over his body. Later; Jennie was overheard saying, “My mama killed my papa. She hit him with a meat cleaver and he died. Don’t tell a soul.” (SOURCE: “LADY BLUEBEARD“)

On the evening of 13 November 2015, a series of coordinated terrorist attacks occurred in France and the Eiffel Tower was floating on blood of innocents. For the first time in a decade, I saw the Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg in broken heart; her eyes filled with tears. I felt ashamed for judging her hardhearted in all these years, and really wanted to bang my notebook. However; just in time before I hurt my hand, she came out of the camouflage and said I am sorry but I have a strong feeling for FranceI was married in Paris. Alas, Saint Denis! RIP for the dead and solace for the mourners who lost their loved ones; but, PM Solberg appeared a pure narcissist to me. 

I know the Prime Minister in authoritative positions for more than ten years now. Like the evil father Lucifer, she seems to derive her happiness out of others’ miserableness. She has been playing and enjoying us just like her dartboards. Year in and year out, “asylum seekers and their children” are the center of discussions in her parliament.  I think, other political and economic issues are too easy for her to be handled at home, alone.

In recent past, when the price of oil hit record low, she was interviewed by one of the BBC journalists concerning her strategies on the crisis. She was asked how to tackle the possible national budgetary deficit. The Prime Minister’s response was as easy as a pie: we use the hedge fund to subsidize. The journalist didn’t know that when she said “the hedge fund,” she was referring asylum seekers’ fortnight allowances. This year alone, just in two months time, she slashed it twice for a total of 20 percent. I am positive to think that this woman would resign without a second thought if she is served a regular lunch-plate minus a couple of potato chips. Yet; per her order, the monthly allowance of one asylum seeker who lives in the country that ranks second for the highest cost of living is 1, 780 Norwegian Krone (211 USD); to spend it on foods, clothes, hygiene stuffs, and so on. 

My Lady, if you ever read me, I am writing this not for any positive influence. I know that for “Jern-Erna” (Iron Erna), words are just “nada.” But, what you are doing is bestiality! It is not an art/act of politics at all! You must not punish human beings or animals by depriving foods to eat. Even Belle, the serial killer whom I depicted as your evil mother-in-behavior, was said to feed the best dinners for her victims before the kills.  


Last May 2016, The Washington Post  named the Norwegian Migration and Integration Minister Sylvi Listhaug as one of Europe’s Donald Trumps. You must get it right: not for her looks but to her “harsh stand including deporting rejected asylum seekers to Russia in sub-zero weather.”

This woman is the Duchess of deceitful politics. She knows how to garble even research results to suit her evil acts. In her own article that titled Innstramming til Barnas Beste, the Immigration Minister referenced a research that didn’t exist at all; as she distorted the findings of another research run by the High Commissioner for Refugees (FAFO) and the Department of Psychology in Oslo University. She made this to back her evil desire in legislative changes that would affect unaccompanied minor asylum seekers.

When European countries get tough on asylum seekers, Listhaug is FIRST to grab the sharpest knife to stab the naked. She was heard to say … countries around us are tightening, and we must keep up with the developments, we will be STRICT. Diametrically, when neighboring countries like Sweden shows some mercy for the sake of humanity, she is LAST to appreciate it. Rather; she gets green with envy to say “they have brought an asylum policy that has not been sustainable, and sent a clear signal to the world that it was just to get to Sweden.

Minister Sylvi, impersonated as Belle’s youngest daughter on the cartoon, is esteemed with very light of honesty. She lacks commendable ethics; whenever she opens her mouth, there comes prejudice. She thinks asylum seekers are here just because they wanted to enjoy the dancing of her Nordic lights, sitting cross legged on royal “golden chairs.”

My Lady, if you too, read me by chance, let me tell you the truth. Your immigration system that treats asylum seeker as un-addressed package is not worth to be called “fair” but savage.  Pushing it hard till 24-year-old Garolin Vinotha and her 20-month-old baby boy committed suicide didn’t make your system “STRICT.” Instead; it portrayed you as a BEAST, a cannibal that enjoys human flesh like a squash. As much as you love your kids, others do their own. Don’t demonize poor parents to set their little ones on perilous voyages across deep oceans. I am not a preacher to claim your ear. Yet; I am confident that dangling a huge, a ship’s anchor size cross over one’s neck doesn’t justify sinning/doing wrong.

I beg you and your “sisters” on the carton not to bother yourself in formulating hypotheses for why or how dare I wrote this today. Once again, I am ETHIOPIAN; born and raised as a CHRISTIAN! Never been a PAGAN! Submission to FEAR or EVIL is not in my genes. There will be no end for this until I prove you wrong to treat human beings as properties; if not, till the rest of the world fully discovers the rusty veins in your iron alloyed hearts.


One night, when Belle’s house burnt down, investigators found a headless body of a woman; and sifted two teeth out of the ashes: a gold crown and a porcelain tooth. The local dentist confirmed the teeth were his work performed on Belle Gunness. However; out of guilt, Ray Lamphere who was Belle’s farmhand came forward and testified that he lured that woman to the house where she was killed and her head chopped off.

… then, Belle put her own teeth by the body of her victim to fake her own death before she drugged her children, killed and left them in the house to burn. (SOURCE: HIGH ON THE HOG)

… even with age and filling out quite a bit, Belle Gunness was considered a beauty with her blonde hair, tall figure, and shining white smile. (SOURCE: “LADY BLUEBEARD“)

I believe that it is not in our might to change evil men and women designed by nature. They are the first filial generation of Angel Evil (Devil.) If we pluck off their wings, surely … they will fly on broomsticks. Thus; I have no hope to anchor my thought in Belle’s family. It is better to wrap it up here in a WARN.

Look at the cartoon; watch their eyes carefully; the malfunctions in their twisted brains and the malevolence of their wicked hearts are tattooed on their iris. Study the faces gently for a few seconds; the smiles evolves  to sneers before your eyes. When you meet such a kind of people and show you their teeth, take it SERIOUS! They are like polar bears, you must be careful when you see their teeth. If you misinterpret their sneering for smiling, their anger for pleasure, Adios amigos! You are six feet under!

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