Norway’s New Year Gift for Its Voiceless Asylumseekers

JuleAftenen (Christmas Eve)
For the coming days of Christmas and New Year

their longing knew suspense, but never fear;
For never had Old Jacob disappointed
Them any Christmas yet; he came as sure
As Christmas Eve itself

Henrik Wergeland.

“History repeats itself”

By Admin

Ten years ago, Erna Solberg was a Communa (community) Minister when she slashed case-denied asylum seekers’ allowance far below fifty percent. Today, as her Excellency leads the country, history repeated itself. She darted her knife on the defenseless again and cut off about ten percent per head. Here after, asylum “sinners” whose cases are still or “trial” will receive 300 NKroner (39 USD) less the usual sum.

The new rule, which is ratified on January 1st of 2015, is Norway’s New Year gift for its voiceless asylum seekers. Being one of naturally blessed oil rich countries, Norway has proven to have a hydraulic suspension to absorb the current global economic shock. Then, the question is – why did this happen? Outsiders that know Norway for its missionary endeavor might say: who knows better than the leaders of this Christian country? Cutting off the allowance could be a practical way of preaching the BibleMan shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God (Matthew 4:3-4.) My response for such a foolish people is – TRY IT FOR YOURSELF FIRST; there you will know that no man lives long without it either. Otherwise; if one wants to know the genuine motive behind this cut off, I recommend him/her to refer the article I wrote earlier: Norway’s Humanitarianism, Euphemism? I personally believe that the strain is purely racial than financial.

This post is not written to draw attention for correction, not by a long sight! For authorities who deport patients right from their hospital beds, cutting off asylum seekers’ allowance is as simple as mowing a grass. After all, compared to the family love and livelihood that we left behind, this loss is not worthy of any notice. However; I just wanted to make a wake-up call. The need for having a confederation among Ethiopians, Eritreans, Somalis, Afghans, Palestine, Kurd, Iraqis, Syrian and other countries asylum seekers’ communities seems to be demanding than ever.

P.S. I am not nudging the so called community leaders who have sold their Almighty God for a hot dog. Such leaders have no value for themselves leave aside for others. Their rheum blocked eyes are good enough to see only vaffel crumbs under their masters’ feet, not tears of pain on victims’ face. Pitifully, these community leaders are ignorant to the fact that whenever anti-immigrant politicians control the cogs and wheels of policy machineries, no alien’s house built on paper is out of danger. If you are not on the grill today, do not fool yourself as if you are secured; you are just being marinated for tomorrow.

“It is not time to pity them; it is time to take action”  Nobel peace laureate Malala Yousafzai 

Even in the 18th century, when the Norwegian Third Book of the Domestic Law subjected Jews and Gypsies for 1,000 Rix Dollars fine and/or death as they had to be found in the country without the King’s specific Travel Pass, “transgressors” did not jailed on empty stomach. Henri Leia, a Jew citizen, who was found on Norwegian soil without a Travel Pass, was sentenced to be imprisoned on bread and water for 28 days. Why is it today, in the 21st century, with a better constitution, asylum seekers are being “imprisoned” without bread?

A few weeks ago, of course last year, Noble peace Laureate Malala Yousafzai was advocating Children’s right for education at a Noble peace prize ceremonial held in Oslo.  While attending her speech on a television, I was asking myself questions like:
• Does she really know where she is? If so,
• Does she have any idea that some of her listeners are top government officials who are mercilessly denying asylumseekers’ children their very right to live where they are born, leave aside to school?
• Does she know the parliament is discussing these children as papirløse for more than a decade and still could not reach on consensus as their childhood fades into adulthood in oblivion? …

Then, as she herself started to pose some to the auditorium, I gave up mine:

Why is that countries which we call “strong” are so powerful in creating wars but are so weak in bringing peace? Why is it that giving guns is so easy but giving book is so hard? Why is it, why is it that making tanks is so easy, but building school is so hard?

In fact, I was waiting her to raise one particular question but, unfortunately, she missed it: why is that discussing humanity on the podium is so easy but living it on the field is so difficult? 

Sometimes, I am trapped in a stereotype outlook regarding compassion. I do not think men and women have the same degree of compassion to people who are suffering in general, and to children in particular. Of course, compassion is a natural trait and everyone possesses it by birth. Greater Good Science Center conducted a research and has found – helping others who are in danger is a natural impulse that even animals share us this pious behavior. However, I have this mind set that women are better than men to have compassion to others who are in trouble. Whether you attributed this value to nature or nurture, especially towards children, women by far excel men in their compassion and concern.

I think, before throwing gentlemen into temper, it is worthy to quote the wise guru Dlali Lama, and conclude my article. Even if Prime Minister Erna Solberg refused to meet him (when he was in Oslo in 2014) and later she told the reporters that “the refusal was motivated by a desire to improve diplomatic relations and dialogue with China,” discussing with His Holiness is double blessings for the world scientists. Beyond being sapient, most of his ideas are also valued in formulation of new research hypothesis.

Sometime in the past, while he was calling for more leaders with compassion, the 1989 noble peace prize winner, H.H. Dalai Lama, said ” … biologically females have more potential … females have more sensitivity about others’ well-being.” If the guru asserted women’s superiority in experiencing and expressing compassion, why do we fail to see it in Norwegian authorities who are still WOMEN? Why do they fail to see the psychological and physiological suffering of “paper-less” children and women? Why is it that asylum seeking children and their mothers suffer so hard in the land where women have more say than men in the administrative field? I wonder how it feels to be one of these authorities, to have a warm family, to enjoy their own kid’s peck on the cheek before heading off to office where they sit and formulate policies that treat “asylum kids” and “asylum mothers” as filth.

On behalf of today’s victims, let me express our gratitude for one additional woman which I believe to bring forth this cut off. The Finance Minister, the leader of the Conservative Party, Siv Jensen … thank you indeed for your New Year gift, even though it came without the wrapping paper that reads: the worst is coming soon. We know that this ten percent cut off is just an appetizer to prepare us to swallow the main dish, the bitter one, which is about to follow.

*Rixdollar was the English term for a variety of different coins each averaging about 448 grains in weight of .885 fine silver (the free encyclopedia.)

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