Rephrasing The Reggie King.

Excellent! Movement of DEAR people! (“Exodus: Movement of Jah people!”)

By Admin

The Ethiopian Diasporas have received a call for help from troubled brothers and sisters in Saudi Arabia. The response made to create world wide awareness and to stop the violence in a simple word of truth was MARVELOUS!

Honestly speaking, there was a time I and my friends gauged our political temperature, become frustrated, and finally categorized this generation as the “Missing link” between those martyrs of “land to the tiller” and the one to come in the future. However, what I have seen in this week has electrified my soul with a spark of hope that we are indeed coming back; woke up to live the dream.

Just a few days after my release from “shewit” (the code name we used to ShewaRobit), friends and relatives were insisting me to leave the country. I was like a foolish tug, rejected all the requests. Nevertheless, when things getting worse, a close friend said to me, “Now grab your chance or die for no cause. Remember, “He who fights and runs away, will survive to fight another day.”” He was right. Some of us judged ourselves as cowards as we fled out of the country. However, regardless of the landing field, sometimes, our flight could reserve us a sit to wage another fight. Just like what the diasporas did in this week.

Before passing to the next phrase of the song, I shall say to you guys all THANK YOU IN DUE and ANCIENT FORM! Excellent! Movement of Afro people!


“Men and people will fight ya down

Let me tell ya if you’re not wrong;

Everything is alright.”


Most of us are angered by the silence of international human right organizations and media corporations; asking where are those so called international busy bodies of pro-human rights. The UN, UNHCR, CNN, BBC, and others? Some answered that the trouble we are dealing with the Saudi’s dumbasses is out of the organizations’ jurisdiction. The fact is, whether it is their concern or not, UN and the corporate Medias do not have a fair judgment to work on. UN serves and guards the interest of “the selected” in the name of “UNITED.” For the Medias, wealth is the battery of their microphone; political power is the only source of energy that turns their camera ON. If any single western citizen was in place of those thousandth affected Ethiopians, there would be millions of words written and uttered by the world media.

We have lots of experience that should make us familiar to the betrayal of these international organizations who amass massive resources and capitals in the name the world poor. The slaughter of 800,000 civilians in Rwanda, mainly because of these world leaders and world medias ignorance is too soon to forget. After the massacre, the former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan admitted that “The international community is guilty of sins of omissions.” Kofi Annan, who used to be considered as a shadow of Ex President George W. Bush, has also declared the purposive negligence by saying, “I think the most frustrating part is that we all know what is wrong and what needs to be done, but we often can’t act up on it.”

If we expect US to side our country and to condemn the brutal Saudi, we are dotty. Leave aside Ethiopians, US has failed its own people for the sake of Saudi’s Oil. While Americans are told “the sky is the limit,” Saudis are assured “even the sky could not be the limit.” Right in the land of Americans, Saudis have been treated above the law. After the iconic tragedy of 9-11, most of the US air traffic was grounded and there was a three-day travel ban. However, the wealthy Saudis (member of the Royal family and relatives of Osama Bin Laden) were flown against the ban, even accompanied by ex-police and FBI officers. When Author Craig Unger interviewed Dan Grossi and Manuel Perez, the two escort men, they testified as “They (the Saudi travelers) got the approval somewhere. It must have come from the highest levels of government.” Craig Unger is an author who first disclosed the possibility of a post-9/11 Saudi airlift in his book: House of Bush, House of Saud.

We know that a great deal of mutual back- scratching goes on between Saudi and the greedy west. Though it is worthy to shout and tell them that our life should not be treated as an element of DAX or DOW to gable on, we must accept the fact that we are all alone. Neither US, West Europe nor UN deserve the trust to rely on. Graham Hancock, One of the heroes in my list of authors, once said, “Like cuttlefish, United Nation agencies have the ability to conceal themselves in clouds of ink.” He got it all-fired right. When you read the founding goals of the organizations (which is written on paper and ink), their true demonic interests are colored and covered by angelic chapter (scripture.)

We know where we’re going!

We know where we’re from.

We are leaving Babylon,

We are going to our “Mother” land.

… set the captive FREE!


The most annoying scene of our tragedy in Saudi is the one played by the consular. Rather than protecting the people from the savage killers and rapers, the responsible staffs made their way home without leaving any trace. This clearly justifies who they are; not only traitors but also accomplices of the crime committed against us. These days Ethiopian Embassy all over the world has become Ethiopian “Embracy” or call it Embracing. Everywhere we go, the embassies are full of pampered and cosseted TPLF members that put their own material security over the safety of the people they should serve. Most of them are born Ethiopian but never become citizens; if you understand what it means. In and out, the whole governing system of the country needs dialysis.

Regarding the act of our embracing government, I better come later with a detailed paper. As they do now, they can keep their lips tight. But, when history resides on its throne, they will break the silence, willingly or forcibly. They will answer the forsaken nation for each life it lost, and for each minute of woeful plight it left alone. We are coming home!

Finally, it always pains me to see those who ransacked the country and tormented the citizens finally get away with great fortunes. Roost and start a happy life abroad after sowing a life long grief at every cottage’s backyard. After killing and crippling others, fly away with their family safe in one piece. This trend must stop! Those who make and executes orders against the mass must be hunted at each corner of the horizon, bring back to the country and face the expensive music they had orchestrated. I am deeply touched by those local demonstrators who have carried the scar and bruise from Saudi bought BLACK punch, on their homeland, in their own village.

Here I have a suggestion that we may follow it as a prelude of peaceful demonstration. Before taking the first step of any procession, we need to have an oath that last for one or two minutes. Call it Freedom Oath, Martyrs Pact or whatever. The purpose is to say it loud together that anyone who will be tortured or murdered in that particular demonstration SHALL not be forgotten. His fractured bone or spilt blood will be remembered. Every one will hold hand in hand and make the pact. To bring the responsible perpetrators, be it civil authorities that making orders, military or police force who executes savage acts, in to justice. To chase them heaven to hell! Prosecute all the responsible individuals regardless of time or space. Everyone to say: come what may, I will hunt them down till I become clay. I will bear my pact that whether they hide in or out of the country, no force on the land, no barrier on the earth could keep them away and safe.

Then every police man and woman name who administers baton and bullet against demonstrators must not be forgotten in a court’s payroll list. If they choose the Pharaoh over their own people and over their own country, they shall be washed away by the Red Sea!

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