Rest In Peace Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela!

By Admin

Though much is being said about Nelson, I must breathe what the heart inside me urges regarding this MAN of MEN. There was no one in the world more graceful than him, there is none, and will be never! As we are all mortals, unfortunately, we just lost a great tower of history; international heritage made of mind, spirit, soul, and body.

mandela art1

The earth is going to receive its most honored guest on 15th of December 2013. The Man will be left to rest, empty of his strength and resilient fighting spirit.

Mandela, Ethiopian built Bia, was Eleos for the whites; just as he been Hysminai for the chained and oppressed in Africa, Latin America and Asia. At the end, if The Most High God crowned him to be Hades, I shall say nothing but adieu Aidos; with eyes brimming warm tears.



Bia = spirit of force, power, bodily strength and compulsion.

Eleos = spirit of mercy, pity, and compassion.

Hysminai = spirits of fighting and combat.

Hades = king of the underworld and the dead.

Aidos = the spirit of modesty, reverence and respect.

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